Papers to Report On (2023-24)

The multiplier spectrum morphism is generically injective
Measure growth in compact semisimple Lie groups and the Kemperman inverse problem
Convegence Acceleration of Alternating Series (Cohen, Villegas, Zagier))
Stretch Maps I (Thurston))
Stretch Maps II (Gueritaud and Kassel))
Denjoy's Theorem (Milnor)
Toledo invariants of topological quantum field theories (Deroin and Marché)
Shearing hyperbolic surfaces, bending pleated surfaces and Thurston's symplectic form (Bonahon)
On the existence of holomorphic curves in compact quotients of SL(2,C) (Biswas, Dumitrescu, Heller and Heller)
A review of non-Archimedean elliptic functions (Tate)
An analytic construction of degenerating Abelian varieties over complete rings (Mumford)
Two complexes which are hoemorphic but combinatorially distinct (Milnor)
MIP* = RE (`Halting problem solved') - (Ji, Natarajan, Vidick, Wright, Yuen)
Gaps in the support of canonical currents on projective K3 surfaces (Filip and Tosatti)
Diameter of maximally symmetric compact Riemann surfaces (Beardon et al)
Subgroups of genus-2 quasi-fuchsian groups and cocompact Kleinian gruops (Rao)
Calculating Hausdorff dimension of Julia sets and Kleinian limit sets (Jenkison, Pollicott)
Quasicircles of dimension 1+k2 do not exist (Ivrii)

Reports given in 2022-23

Instrinsic wildness (after Freedman)
Report by McMullen, September.
A counterexample to the periodic orbit conjecture (Sullivan)
Report by McMullen, September.
Unramified correspondences (Bogomolov, Tschinkel)
Report by Aaron Landsman (Oct. 26).
A norm for the homology of 3-manifolds (Thurston)
Report by Rafael Saavedra (Nov. 2).
Bers, Hénon, Painlevé and Schrödinger (Cantat)
Report by Max Weinreich, (Nov. 16).
Circle homeomorphisms with square summable diamond shears (Saric, Wang and Wolfram).
Report by Catherine Wolfram (Feb. 22).