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JDG 2002: Fifth Conference on Geometry and Topology

The Fifth Conference on Geometry and Topology is honoring the following Mathematicians:

Eugenio Calabi (University of Pennsylvania)
Blaine Lawson (SUNY-Stony Brook)
Yum-Tong Siu (Harvard University)
Karen Uhlenbeck (University of Texas)

Date: May 3-5, 2002
Place: Science Center, Lecture Hall C, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 02138.
Registration There is no registration and no registration fee for the conference.
Travel: For information, how to get here, click here.
Sponsor: The event is sponsored by NSF, Harvard university and the Journal of Differential Geometry.
Speakers: List of speakers to include:

Atiyah, Michael Projective Planes, Veronese Surfaces and Spheres
Bryant, Robert Calibrated Geometries and Exterior Differential Systems
Caffarelli, Luis Fully non linear equations in random media
Cheeger, Jeff Degeneration of Riemannian Metrics Under Ricci Curvature Bounds
Daskalopoulos, Panagiota Long Time Regularity of Free-Boudaries: a Geometric Approach
De la Ossa, Xenia Quantum Geometry and Quantum Arithmetic of Calabi-Yau Manifolds
Demailly, Jean-Pierre On the Geometry of Positive Cones of Compact Kahler Manifolds
Huisken, Gerhard Neckpinching in mean curvature flow
Li, Jun Studying Moduli Spaces via Degenerations
Margulis, Gregory Local Rigidity of Group Actions
Meeks, William The Minimal Surface Revolution and Differential Geometry
Nahmod, Andrea On Wave Maps
Taylor, Christine Compact Manifolds with Exceptional Holonomy
Terng, Chuu-Lian Finding Solutions of Integrable Systems by Loop Group Factorization
Viehweg, Eckard Geometry of Subvarieties of Moduli
Young, Lai-Sang Geometric Theory of Strange Attractors

Schedule of the talks:

Friday, May 3rd, 2002:

Day Dedicated to Women in Mathematics

1:00-2:00       Christine Taylor
2:15-3:15       Chuu-Lian  Terng
3:30-4:30       Andrea Nahmod
4:30-5:30       Xenia de la Ossa

Posters: setup Friday 11:00AM near Lecture Hall C. 

Saturday, May 4th, 2002:

9:00-10:00      Michael Atiyah
10:15-11:15     Gregory Margulis
11:30-12:30     Jean-Pierre Demailly

Lunch Break

2:00-3:00       Luis Caffarelli
3:15-4:15       Robert Bryant
4:30-5:30       Panagiota Daskalopoulos

Sunday, May 5th, 2002:

9:00-10:00      Lai-Sang Young
10:15-11:15     Jeff Cheeger
11:30-12:30     Jun Li

Lunch Break

2:00-3:00       William Meeks
3:15-4:15       Gerhard Huisken
4:30-5:30       Eckard Viehweg  

Posters: Posters will be set up at 11:00am on Friday in the Science Center along the wall of Lecture Hall "C". The presenters will be available on Friday 12:00-1:00, Saturday and Sunday 1:15-2:00.

Dinner: There will be a dinner on May 5th. evening at 6:30pm (cocktails start at 6:00pm). The cost per person is $50.00 (spouses are also invited.) Since the number of seats are limited and we need to have a final count as soon as possible, therefore we would like to encourage you all to join us for this special event and respond as early as possible. Please reply to Bo Stanek at stanek@math.harvard.edu. (While replying to sign up for dinner, please specify your choice of entrees.).


             CHOICE 1                        CHOICE 2
Salat:       Greek Salat                     Same
Soup:        New England Clam Chowder        Same
Entree:      Chicken Wellington              Grilled Salmon
Dessert:     Tiramisu                        New York Style Cheesecake

Chicken Wellington: chicken breast stuffed with duxelle and wrapped in
                    puff pastry, tarragon sauce.

Grilled Salmon:     salmon filet with mango citrus sauce.

Vegeterian dish is also available.
Local Hotels: For travel information, click here .

Sheraton Commander
        16 Garden Street, Cambridge MA 02138
        telephone: (617) 547-4800
        hotel-Harvard campus:  5-10 minute walk

Harvard Square Hotel
        110 Mount Auburn St., Cambridge MA 02138
        telephone: (617) 864-5200
        hotel-Harvard campus:  5-10 minute walk

The Inn at Harvard
        1201 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge MA 02138
        telephone: (617) 491-2222
        hotel-Harvard campus:  5-10 minute walk

Irving House
        24 Irving St., Cambridge MA 02138
        telephone: (617) 547-4600,
        hotel-Harvard campus:  5-10 minute walk

Friendly Inn(B&B)
        1673 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA 02138
        telephone: (617) 547-7851
        hotel-Harvard campus:  5-10 minute walk

Information : Address any questions to Bo Stanek at stanek@math.harvard.edu.

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