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Source: Harvard University Archives. Click on picture for larger version. A second variant, cut at different places
The first international Congress of Mathematicians ICM 1950 took place at Harvard and MIT from 30. August to 6. September 1950. Here is a scanned version of the Program (Source: Harvard university archives). The Organising Committee
  • Garrett Birkhoff (Chairman)
  • W. T. Martin, (Vice Chairman)
  • A. A. Albert
  • J. L. Doob
  • G. C. Evans
  • T. H. Hildebrandt
  • E. Hille
  • J. R. Kleine
  • S. Lefschetz
  • S. Mac Lane
  • M. Morse
  • J. von Neumann
  • O. Veblen
  • J. L. Walsh
  • H. Whitney
  • D. V. Widder
  • R. L. Wilder
Honorary Presidents:
  • G. Castelnuovo
  • J. Hadamard
  • C. de la Vallée Poussin
Pages in book by Albers,Alexanderson and Reid "International mathematical congresses, An illustrated history 1893-1986"

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