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Special program on Eigenvarieties

February 1-May 31, 2006

At the Harvard Mathematics Department and the Clay Mathematics Institute

Calendar indicating the visitor density related to the program:
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At present we are witnessing an explosion of activity, extending our understanding of congruences between Fourier coefficients of classical modular forms to automorphic representations of groups more general than GL(2) over Q. Currently, a number of constructions of these parametrized p-adic spaces of automorphic forms are being developed, promising a striking new (p-adic interpolational) extension of the Langlands program with, possibly, broad arithmetic applications. Some mathematicians working on the spaces that parametrize these congruences, "eigenvarieties", will be visiting the Harvard University mathematics department during the Spring semester of 2006 to participate in graduate courses (Math 254z and Math 255y), and satellite seminars devoted to this emerging theory. The tentative schedule of these visitors is given in the calendar to the right. The activities are listed on this page. An intensive workshop on eigenvarieties connected to this special semester will be held at the CMI on May 10-15, 2006.

A major goal of this special program at the Harvard math department is to produce a milieu where graduate students, and also post-docs and other interested mathematicians, can gain mastery of this new development. A further aim is to have an occasion (an extensive time period) for researchers to engage in collaborative projects.
Here is a partial list of the mathematicians who have indicated that they will attend part or all of this special semester, and/or the workshop at CMI:

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