Geometric Analysis:
Present and Future
August 27-September 1, 2008

Venue: Lecture Hall B, Science Center
Harvard University






Lizhen Ji, University of Michigan
Ka-Sing Lau, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Peter Li, UC I
Kefeng Liu, UCLA
Wilfried Schmid, Harvard University
Rick Schoen, Stanford University
I.M. Singer, MIT
Clifford Taubes, Harvard University
Cumrun Vafa, Harvard University
Zhouping Xin, Chinese University of Hong Kong



Department of Mathematics, CUHK
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Department of Mathematics, Harvard University
Morningside Center of Mathematics
Journal of Differential Geometry, Lehigh University
Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences (PIMS)
Department of Mathematics, MIT
Department of Mathematics, Brandeis University
Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly
CMS, Zhejiang University


This is an archived copy of the original conference page on the website of "Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly at Henan University, Kaifeng, P.R. China.