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Open problems in honor of Wilfried Schmid

Open problems are the mainstay of our mathematical culture. They formulate, at times, a collective challenge of the community; they sometimes stake out our personal challenges. They represent the ever rejuvenating intellectual curiosity, inspiration and energy; and the joy of doing mathematics. In celebration of Wilfried Schmid's 70th birthday, and in coordination with the conference commemorating his birthday, some of Wilfried's colleagues have presented problems in his honor. These problems are in some of the great range of subjects that have been enlarged by Wilfried's work, and that reflect some of his interests. Four of the problems will be presented at the conference (10-15 minutes each, Monday May 20, 6-7:30 PM). Here are the 9 problems:

Problem Contributed by Presented by
Euclidean Geometry related to particle physics, and Nahm's Equation Michael Atiyah Peter Kronheimer PDF
Nonabelian versions of Poincare Duality related to problems regarding the classification of G-bundles over a manifold Jacob Lurie PDF
Degeneration of nonabelian Hodge structures Carlos Simpson Carlos Simpson PDF
Multiplicities of irreducible representations of real reductive groups when restricted to maximal compact subgroups David A. Vogan, Jr. David A. Vogan PDF
The trace formula and classification of automorphic representations of orthogonal and symplectic groups James Arthur James Arthur PDF
Arithmeticity (or not) of Monodromy Peter Sarnak PDF
Feynman Diagrams Matvei Libine joint with with Igor Frenkel PDF
What mathematics is really behind the distributional Γ-factors? Stephen D. Miller PDF
Tautological classes on the moduli space of K3 surfaces Alina Marian PDF

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