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Printer names

NameFloor Near OfficeName Duplex MemoryColor
lw4 2 232 HP 9050dn yes 128 MB no
xc 3 333 Xerox ColorCube/Phaser 8570DNyes 256 MB yes
lw1 3 333 HP 9050dn yes 128 MB no
lw8 4 426 HP 9050dn yes 128 MB no
lw2 5 505 HP 9050dn yes 128 MB no
They all print Postscript and PDF.

Setting up a printer

Her are older printing guides:

Visual guide for PC's Visual guide for Macs

Printing from the command line

Printing postscript on printer lw1 lpr -Plw1
Printing on Color Printer lp -d xc filename
Printing text 2-sided enscript -Plw1 -2r file
Printing dvi file dvips -Plw1 file.dvi
Printing PDF "lpr -Plw2 file.pdf".

File conversion DVI, PS and PDF

DVI - PDF dvipdf file.dvi
DVI - PS dvips -o file.dvi
DVI - PS dvips -o -D400 file.dvi   (400 DPI resolution)
PS-PDF ps2pdf

Simplicity, Clarity, Generality B.W. Kernighan, R. Pike, in "The Practice of Programming".
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