Department of Mathematics FAS Harvard University One Oxford Street Cambridge MA 02138 USA Tel: (617) 495-2171 Fax: (617) 495-5132
FAS Computer Services to Harvard University IT: (617) 495-7777.
Software VersionDescription
Adium0.89.1Multi-Protocal IM Client (connects with AIM, Yahoo, MS-Messenger, etc)
Adobe Acrobat Professional7.0.3PDF Creator/Editor (requires FAS KeyServer/VPN)
Adobe Photoshop CS29.0x196Photo/Image Editor (requires FAS KeyServer/VPN)
Adobe Reader7.0.8PDF Viewer
antiword0.33-3Unix command-line tool
Art Director's Toolkit4.1.1Graphics utilities
Automator1.0.3Apple macro/scripting utility
BibDesk1.2.4Graphical BibTeX-bibliography manager (in Applications->TeX via MacTeX)
convert6.2.5Image conversion via command-line (via ImageMagick)
Cyberduck2.6.0SFTP/FTP client (free software)
Desktop Manager0.5.3Create multiple virtual Mac desktops
DivX Player1.0.1 DivX file/codec player
emacs21.2.26Unix text editor and programming environment (X Windows and command-line)
Excalibur4.0.2LaTeX spellchecker (in Applications->TeX via MacTeX)
Fink0.8.0Unix software package manager
Fink Commander0.5.4Graphical interface for Fink
Firefox1.5.0.4Web browser
Flip4Mac2.1.0.33Windows Media File QuickTime plugin/codec for Mac
FreeHand MX11.0.1Drawing/Illustration program (requires FAS KeyServer/VPN)
Fugu1.2.0SFTP/FTP client (free software)
GAP4.4.7System for computational discrete algebra (via SAGE)
gcc4.0.1GNU Compiler Collection (via Xcode)
Geomview1.8.1Interactive 3D viewing program (Unix X Windows tool via Fink)
Ghostscript8.51Postscript/PDF interpreter (Unix command-line tool, via MacTeX)
GIMP2.2.1Graphics/Image/Photo editor (Unix X Windows tool)
Google Earth3.1.0621.0Mapping/Satellite Photo utility
Google Notifier1.9.65Notification of new Gmail and Google Calendar events
Grapher1.0Easy 2-D/3-D equation grapher (in Applications->Utilities)
gv3.5.8PostScript/PDF viewer (Unix X Windows tool)
iChat3.1.4 IM client (for AIM, bonjour, .Mac, etc.)
ImageMagick6.2.5Graphics manipulation software (Unix command-line via MacTeX)
Internet Explorer5.2.3Obsolete Web Browser
ispell3.2.06-3Unix command-line spell checker
KASH3Software package for computational algebraic number theory (via SAGE)
KeyServer Client6.0.3.1Required for FAS Keyserver protected software (requires FAS VPN when not at Harvard)
LaTeXiT1.9.0Turns stand-alone LaTeX equations into cut-and-paste graphics for PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.
LyX1.4.2Word Processor based on LaTeX
Macaulay20.9.2-20Algebraic Geometry/Commutative Algebra package (via SAGE)
MacDviX3.3DVI/postscript viewer
Mac Mail2.0.8OS X's default email program
MacSFTP Carbon1.0.6SFTP client (licensed by FAS)
Maple10.03Math package (requires FAS KeyServer/VPN)
Mathematica5.2.2Math package
Matlab7.1Math package (requires FAS VPN off-campus)
Maxima5.9.2A system for manipulation of symbolic and numerical expressions (via SAGE)
Microsoft Messenger5.1.1IM client
Microsoft Office2004 11.2.5Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2004
Modifier Keys.Remap Control/Option/Command/Caps Lock keys (in System Preferences->Keyboard & Mouse->Keyboard)
Mozilla1.7.12Web browser
mpack/munpack1.5MIME en/decoder (Unix command-line tool via Fink)
Netscape7.2Web browser
Nvu1.0Simple WYSIWYG HTML editor
OmniGraffle3.2Graphing and diagramming software
OmniOutliner Professional3.5Outlining/organizing software
OpenBase Manager0.2.0SQL database utilities
Opera9.01Web Browser
PARI/GP2.3.0Computer algebra system (via SAGE)
Preview3.0.7OS X default viewer for PDFs/PostScript/Photos/Graphics, etc.
QuickTime Player7.1.3Media player
Real Player10.1.0Media player
Safari2.0.4OS X's default Web Browser
SAGE1.3.7.1Software for Algebra and Geometry Experimentation includes PARI/GP, GAP, Singular, Maxima, Macaulay2, etc.
Singular3-0-1Computer Algebra System for polynomial computations (via SAGE)
SnapPea2.5.3Hyperbolic 3-manifolds--runs under MacClassic
StuffIt Expander10.0.2Stuffit compressed file decoder/expander
SuperDuper2.1.3Disk copier and backup utilities
(Mac)TeXMacTeX 20060608Full Macintosh TeX installation with many auxiliary programs
TeX FoG1.2.4Graphical reference for creating equations in (La)TeX
TexShop2.09dEditor/Previewer frontend for (La)TeX (via MacTeX)
TextEdit1.4Simple text editor
TextWrangler2.1.3Text editor
Thunderbird1.5.0.4Email client (from Firefox/Mozilla)
VPN Client4.9Virtual Private Network to make off-campus machines appear inside FAS
Windows Media Player9.0Media (WMF) player (not for Intel Macs)
Xcode2.4OS X software development environment (gcc, java, debugger, editor, etc.)
xdvi22.84.10X Windows DVI viewer (via MacTeX)
xemacs1.21.4.15-1Alternate GUI/X Window version of emacs (via Fink)
xfig3.2.4-4Drawing program for X Windows (via Fink)
Yahoo Messenger3.0 beta 1IM client
Zinio Reader..

Simplicity, Clarity, Generality B.W. Kernighan, R. Pike, in "The Practice of Programming".
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