Other writings

  1. Synthesis for Rational Linear Arithmetic. My undergraduate thesis (2011) on automated program generation.

  2. Lecture notes for 21-127 Concepts of mathematics based on a course I taught in Summer 2014. The source is available. Here are the solutions to every assignments.

  3. The lazy model theoretician's guide to Shelah's eventual categoricity conjecture in universal classes. An expository note: pdf arXiv, 6 pages. Last updated on November 30, 2015.

  4. Superstability and categoricity in abstract elementary classes. My Ph.D. thesis (572 pages), defended on April 28, 2017. It is a collection of my papers but the introduction (and index) could be useful on their own.

  5. Lecture notes on model theory for abstract elementary classes. Based on a course I taught at Harvard University in Spring 2018. Last updated on April 26, 2018.


  1. Monica VanDieren and Sebastien Vasey, On the structure of categorical abstract elementary classes with amalgamation. Preprint: pdf arXiv, 19 pages. Last updated on September 15, 2015 (see all versions).

    Status: This has been merged with a paper that was called "Transferring symmetry downward and applications" and is now called "Symmetry in abstract elementary classes with amalgamation".

  2. Will Boney and Sebastien Vasey, Categoricity and infinitary logics, Preprint: pdf arXiv, 9 pages. Last updated on October 16, 2015 (see all versions).

    Status: A mistake in the proof of the main result was found, so the paper is currently incomplete.

  3. Will Boney, Monica VanDieren, and Sebastien Vasey, Shelah-Villaveces revisited. Last updated on November 16, 2016.

    Status: A mistake in the proof of the main result was found. This seems to kill the whole paper.

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