Oliver Knill
The thesis, old interests as well as publication and preprints and seminar page or the last chapter in my probability book illustrate earlier work in ergodic and spectral theory. Having always done what is now called "experimental mathematics" (initially in additive number theory, I have a passion for mathematical problems in computer science, with discrete structures, geometry or probability. Always having been fascinated by almost periodicity, (like packings, fluids, operators, walks, matrices,cellular automata), or Dirichlet series. A particular question on Birkhoff sums or the Birkhoff sum of the cotangent function. A couple of years ago, playing with polyhedra led to a paper in graph theory which continues to interest me. Through teaching, I also got interested also in pedagogical questions, especially in web pedagogy and the use of technology in teaching. I love movies, especially if they contain math. And history: here [PDF] is a course developed and ran first in the spring of 2010 and will be taught in the fall 2016 for the 8th time. See fall 2015.

Some work highlights: Here are some highlights of un-published work (most of it is not even submitted once as persuing ideas currently has priority). This is ordered according my personal current preferences:

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