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Spring, 2014: I teach Math 1a and Math E-320 this spring. A graph geometry update. A landscape inverse problem. Slides orbital networks and AMS meeting Baltimore slides. A Charles river and Bike run. Chinese remainder update and javascript demo. Summer 2014 website and preliminary syllabus [PDF]. About calculus on graphs. Sinai won Abel prize, see Sinai billiard.
Fall, 2013: I teach the Harvard Multivariable calculus course this fall. Advisees lunch Aug 28. The beauty of networks. Syllabus for Math E-320, Spring 2014 [PDF], Temporary Math 1a course site, Spring 2014, Interesting work on an older paper with Hof and Simon, Calabi-Yau on Thingiverse, AMS session January. Sad to hear that Oscar Lanford passed away November 16. Work on the Zeta function of circular graphs.
Summer, 2013: I teach multivariable calculus this summer. Various updates on graph theory: Cauchy-Binet with a forest theorem, and an integrable system. Slides [PDF] from ILAS 2013 [PDF] and notes. Monthly problem. with code for experimentation. The Math in movies page appeared in a podcast [MP3] (starts at 11:20) made by Jamillah Knowles. 3D printed objects arrived.
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Oliver Knill, Department of Mathematics, Harvard University, One Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA. SciCenter 432 Tel: (617) 495 5549, Email: knill@math.harvard.edu. twitter, youtube, vimeo, Linkedin Google plus Spring 2014 office hours: Tue/Thu 4-5, and by appointment, especially before and after classes.