This is a website to organize the 2013 Pre-Talbot Seminar at Northwestern University. The purpose of these talks is to learn about the basics of chromatic homotopy theory, and also for participants in the 2013 Talbot Workshop to be able to practice their workshop talks.
The seminar will take place on Thursdays at 3PM in Lunt 104. We have the room booked until 5 PM to encourage questions and discussions.
The approach we take will be focused on doing computations. As a result, we may emphasize driving a car without knowing how to put together the engine. For example we won't need to know all the details of the different ways in which one can model Eoo ring spectra using different model structures. A recurring, classical example is the example of computing the homotopy groups of L_1S^0 -- the height 1 part of the sphere spectrum. This was done way before any of this chromatic stuff, but will be a good place to see concrete computations.
The mailing list. If your name does not appear below, you are not on the mailing list:
  1. Agnes Beaudry
  2. Anna Marie Bohmann
  3. Ben Knudsen
  4. Dan Lior
  5. Dylan Wilson
  6. Ian Le
  7. Irina Bobkova
  8. Johan Konter
  9. Marc Hoyois
  10. Mark Mahowald
  11. Nir Avni
  12. Paul Goerss
  13. Paul VanKoughnett
  14. Philip Egger
  15. Philsang Yoo
  16. Robert Legg
  17. Xing Gu
  18. Zhouli Xu
Date Speaker Title and description Notes Taken By:
January 31 Paul Goerss Overview
February 7 Paul VanKoughnett Ring spectra and Bousfield localization, I
February 14 Philip Egger Complex oriented theories and examples, MU, BP, Lazard ring, I
February 20 (Wednesday) Dylan Wilson Proof of Lazard's Theorem
February 21 Johan Konter Complex oriented theories and examples, MU, BP, Lazard ring, II
February 28 Irina Bobkova Height, v_n, automorphisms of height n, height filtration.
March 7
1-2PM Lunt 102
3-4 PM Lunt 104
Marc Hoyois Landweber exactness, examples (Note that the talk is broken into 2 parts in 2 different rooms.)
March 14 Agnes Beaudry Deformations and Morava E Theory. Bousfield Localization II.
March 21 (Finals week) Dylan Wilson Adams and Adams-Novikov spectral sequences. Miller-Ravenel-Wilson, Morava's change of rings.
March 28 Spring Break
April 4 Rob Legg First chromatic layer of the sphere spectrum = homotopy of the K(1)-local sphere
April 5 (Friday) Johan Konter The K(n)-local sphere (practice talk for Talbot)
April 11 Brian Williams Sheaves on the moduli stack of formal group laws
April 16 (Tuesday, Lunt 103) Rob Legg The Periodicity Theorem (practice talk for Talbot)
April 18 Ben Knudsen History of elliptic cohomology and the search for TMF
Sunday, April 21 - Saturday, April 27 Talbot Workshop!