Hiro Lee Tanaka

Office 341
Harvard University Math Department
1 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

About Me

I'm currently a Benjamin Peirce Fellow and NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard. I received my Ph.D. in 2013 from Northwestern University, where my advisor was Kevin Costello. You may have also seen me in Bonn in summer of 2015, or around the Bay Area in spring of 2014, when I was an MSRI Postdoctoral Fellow.

My research is in algebraic topology with an emphasis on mathematical physics.

Statement of commitment to diversity in mathematics

I support conducting further research into the sometimes subtle, sometimes not-so-subtle, ways in which various groups come to be underrepresented in mathematical fields. I also support promoting policies and activities to dismantle the mechanisms that lead to representational inequalities in mathematics.


For more details, please see my research page.
  1. Odd sphere bundles, symplectic manifolds, and their intersection theory, with Li-Sheng Tseng. arXiv:1702.03423
  2. The Fukaya category pairs with Lagrangian cobordisms exactly. arXiv:1609.08400
  3. The Fukaya category pairs with Lagrangian cobordisms. arXiv:1607.04976
  4. Functors (between oo-categories) that aren't strictly unital. arXiv:1606.05669
  5. Bridgeland stability, 2-Segal spaces, and the Ran space of the line. In Proceedings of the Conference on Manifolds, K-Theory and Related Topics Contemporary Mathematics (2017), 209--235.
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  9. In simply-connected cotangent bundles, exact Lagrangian cobordisms are h-cobordisms. arXiv:1404.6273.
  10. A stable infinity-category of Lagrangian cobordisms, with David Nadler. arXiv:1109.4835.

Other interests