Alison Miller

Alison Miller I am a Benjamin Peirce postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. I completed my PhD at Princeton in 2014 under Manjul Bhargava. I am currently looking for an academic position. Here is my CV.

I am interested in algebraic number theory, arithmetic statistics, arithmetic invariant theory, and connections with knot theory, specifically related to the Alexander module and Blanchfield pairing.

My PhD thesis is here: Counting Simple Knots via Arithmetic Invariants.

I also have a page with my older papers, mostly dating from my undergraduate years.


E-mail: ab[lastname]
Office: Science Center 527.


I am currently (Spring 2019) teaching Math 223b, Algebraic Number Theory.

Previous Teaching at Harvard:

Math 223a, Algebraic Number Theory, Fall 2018 (course notes)

Math 223b, Algebraic Number Theory, Spring 2018

Math 21b, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, Spring 2018.

Math 223a, Algebraic Number Theory, Fall 2017

Math 222, Lie Groups and Lie Algebras, Spring 2016

Math 221, Graduate Algebra, Fall 2015.


I am a co-organizer (with Chi-Yun Hsu) of the Harvard Number Theory Seminar

I am also one of the organizers of the Open Neighborhood Seminar at Harvard.