Pi day 2007

Pi Recitation

The Pi Recitation Contest was won again by the mathematics concentrator Serena Rezny who recited 1058 digits correctly. Yujoun Zhou recited 200 digits in 10 different languages and James Niles-Joyal (BC) told that he attempted a recitation of 3141 digits. Serena won the third year in a row. The record of last year was 866 digits. The 2007 event was covered in the Crimson as well as in 7 News as seen in the movie on the right.
Josh Gottlieb (80) Mandie Klimczuk (118) Yajun Zhou (200) James Niles-Joyal (611) Serena Rezny (1058)

Pie Eating Contest

All the pie you can eat in 3 min 14 seconds. The Winner of 2007 contest is the biochem concentrator Ian Duff. Runner ups were Paul Hedrick (Applied Math), Alex Dubbs (math) and Kevin Orfield.
          PI DAY (March 14), 2007

   406286       208        998
 62803          482       534
 211           706        798          Pi is...
              214        8086     Transcendental,
             5132        8230      Irrational,
            6647         0938     and Delicious!
           4460         95505
          82231         72535
         94081          28481      Come join us
       117450           284102     to spectate or
      7019385            211055     participate in
      596446             229489+    the festivities!

 2:30 PM --- Digit recitation contest!
   Recite all the digits you know of PI (in order, please).
   Please let us know in advance if you'll recite PI in a base
   other than 10 (the usual choice), 2, or 16.  Only positive integer
   bases allowed -- no fair to memorize PI in base PI/(PI-2)...

 3:14 PM --- Pi(e) eating contest!
   Cornbread are square; pie are round.  You have
   3 minutes and 14 seconds to stuff yourself with
   as much pie as you can.  The leftovers will be
   weighed to calculate how much pie you have eaten.

Contests take place in the fourth floor lounge of the Math Department.
To get there, take the Science center elevator up to the fourth floor,
and walk into the math department.  And keep walking -- you will
arrive soon!  Prizes for the winners!  Food for everyone!