Pi day 2005

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Pi Recitation

Pi Recitation Contest--recite or approximate all the digits you know of pi. In any base (well, at least 2, 10, and 16)! Prizes to the longest and bestest one. It's like Spellbound the documentary, but with cooler kids. ( QT of movie below)

Recitation Results:

Hex:  Frank Calegari 44
      Ryan Haden     25  (last years winner)
Bin   Joel Lewis     38
      Ryan Heder     24
Dec:  Serena Rezny   646
      Mike Murphy    519
      Ryan Haden     473  (last years winner)
      Noam Elkies    164  (hand piano)
      Mauro Braunstein 26 (singing MP3)

Pie Eating

Pie Eating Contest--all the pie you can eat in 3 min 14 seconds. For free! The Winner of 2005 contest is Stephanie Hurder. (QT of movie by Dawei Chen).

Eating Results:

 1   Stephanie Hurder  2.1 kg
 2   Rob Murrow        1.65 kg
 3   Nate Burke        1.5 kg
 John Boller
 Patrick Coyne
 Rob Furrow
 Charlotte Gray
 Rohen Muhamal
 Bassel Sard
 Chris Yetter
 Atalie Young
 Andrew Yousef

Pie Composition

Culture!--New this year: Noam Elkies debuts a world premier piano piece. ( QT of movie below by Dawei Chen).

Pie Computation

Public Calculation of Pi--Come see how dropping sticks on the ground in front of the Science Center can calculate pi. Make fun of us if it doesn't work. All day Monday.
And of course, there will be food. Nearly-entire portions of things, from Pi to Pie and almost-full glasses of Punch and Cookies with Nearly All Their Crumbs Still Attached. Oh mathematical gluttony!

Pie Announcement

Have you ever felt affection for any math class, mathematician, number, 
or large amount of free food at all?
Do you like to heckle?
Do you like watching people stuff their faces with delicious juicy 
globs of Red Lake 40 in a soft flaky crust?
Can you come up with a more accurate estimate of pi than the Bible (~3)?
Do you love your Mom?
Then come join Harvard's Math Department at our Annual Pi Day 
Pi Day!
Monday March 14th!
Pi Recitation at 2.30 pm!
Pie Eating at 3.14 pm!
Noam Elkies performs a new piano piece at 3 and 3.30!
4th Floor Math Lounge--Follow the signs!
Science Center!
No sign ups this year: just show up if you want to compete in any 

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Pi day 2005

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