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letter August 02, 2015
Dear Math Concentrators,

Welcome back!

In your Communication Packet via online registration you will find several pamphlets prepared by the Department. If you haven't read them before, we urge you to do so: they contain useful information on selecting math courses, applying to graduate schools, getting part-time and summer jobs in mathematics, selecting senior thesis topics and advisors, etc. In particular, they describe the Math Expository requirement that students are required to comply with. Even if not all of these topics seem relevant for you, please browse through the pamphlets anyway - you may be surprised at what you learn.

There will be three tutorials offered this year: one in the Fall and two in the Spring.

Fall 15:

  • Category Theory, taught by Danny Shi.

Spring 16:

  • Morse Theory, taught by Boyu Zhang

  • Patitions, Young Diagrams and Beyond, taught by Konstantin Matveev.

The description of the tutorials will be posted on the undergraduate bulletin boards (one opposite rm. 320, the other opposite rm. 503). They will also be e-mailed to all math concentrators on our mailing list and posted on the Math Department website

We would also like to remind you of some upcoming events:

Tuesday, 9/1, 5:30 pm.
The first meeting of the Math Club at Mather House.
Wednesday, 9/2, 4:00 pm.
Organizational sign-up meeting for the Fall Tutorials in room 530.
Friday, 9/4, 4:00 pm.
Welcome Party in the Austin and Chilton McDonnell Common Room, fourth floor, Science Center.

Please check the Undergraduate bulletin boards periodically for more announcements.
Have a good semester,

Jacob Lurie
Director of Undergraduate Studies

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