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MWUS 2007

MWUS 2005

Math Warm Up Series 2005: ( Details) Preview/Review Sessions about various topics::

Date Time Place Topic Presented by
Tue Sept 20 2-3:30Hall A TrigonometyBret Benesh
Tue Sept 20 4-5:30Hall D Logs Bret Benesh
Wed Sept 21 2-3:30SciC 309Algebra Margaret Barusch

MWUS 2004

Math Warm Up Series 2004: ( Details) Calculus faculty run optional course specific Preview/Review Sessions about various topics::

Hall DTue 9/211:00-2:30pm Algebra part I John Boller
Hall DTue 9/212:30-4:00pm Using Math Help Resources Effectively Derek Bruff
Hall DTue 9/214:00-5:30pm Conic Sections Matthew Leingang

Hall DWed 9/221:00-2:30pm More than Just SOHCAHTOA Derek Bruff
Hall DWed 9/222:30-4:00pm Problem Solving Andy Engelward
Hall DWed 9/224:00-5:30pm Angels, Arrows, and Limits in Calculus Angela Vierling-Claassen

Hall DThu 9/231:00-2:30pm Logarithms Robin Gottlieb
Hall DThu 9/232:30-4:00pm Modeling Biology and Economics Thomas Judson
Hall DThu 9/234:00-5:30pm Complex numbers Oliver Knill

Hall DFri 9/241:00-2:30pm Algebra Part II John Boller
Hall DFri 9/242:30-4:00pm Technology in your Math Classes Matthew Leingang
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