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Below is a list of PhD dissertations written by students at the Harvard Department of Mathematics. All scholars can order copies of most Harvard dissertations from 1982 to the present by contacting UMI/ProQuest at 1-800-521-3042. Permission of the author is usually required to copy theses within the last five years. Most PhD dissertations submitted from March 2012 forward are available online in DASH Harvard's central open-access repository. Harvard affiliates with IDs and PINs can access the full text of most Harvard PhD theses since 1990 from the database Dissertations and Theses Full Text. Back to the graduate pages of the Harvard Mathematics department.

Year Name Title
2015 Cheng-Chiang Tsai A formula for some Shalika germs
2015 Ryosuke Takahashi The moduli space of S1-Type zero loci for Z/2 Harmonic spinors in dimension 3
2015 Charmaine Jia Min Sia Structures on Forms of K-Theory
2015 Simon Fabian Schieder Picard-Lefschetz oscillators for the Drinfeld-Lafforgue-Vinberg compactification
2015 Eric Riedl Rational Curves on Hypersurfaces
2015 Chao Li 2-Selmer groups and Heegner points on eliptic curves
2015 Jeffrey Kuan Several Theorems about Probabilistic limiting Expressions: The Gaussian free field, symmetric Pearcey process, and strong Szegö asymptotics
2015 Gijsbert Heuts Goodwillie approximations to higher categories
2015 Gabriel Tavares Bujokas Covers of an elliptic curve E and curves in E x P1
2015 George Andrew Boxer Torsion in the Coherent Cohomology of Shimura Varieties and Galois Representations
2015 Atanas Valeryev Atanasov Interpolation and vector bundles on curves
2015 Omar Antolin Camarena The mod 2 homology of free spectral Lie algebras
2014 Jie Zhou Arithmetic Properties of Moduli Spaces and Topological String Partition Functions of Some Calabi-Yau Threefolds
2014 Matthew Woolf Relative Jacobeans of Linear Systems
2014 Samuel David Raskin Chiral Principal Series Categories
2014 Nathan Pflueger Regeneration of Elliptic Chains with Exceptional Linear Series
2014 Bao Viet Le Hung Modularity of some elliptic curves over totally real fields
2014 Oleg Ivrii The geometry of the Weil-Petersson metric in complex dynamics
2014 Hansheng Diao The Eigencurve is Proper
2014 Aliakbar Daemi Symmetric Spaces and Knot Invariants from Gauge Theory
2014 Stergios Antonakoudis The complex geometry of Teichmuller space
2013 Xiaoheng Wang Pencils of quadrics and Jacobians of hyperellipitc curves
2013 Carl William Wang Erickson Moduli of Galois Representations
2013 Pei-Yu Tsai On Newforms for Split Special Odd Orthogonal Groups
2013 Giulio Tiozzo Entropy, dimension and combinatorial moduli for one-dimensional dynamical systems
2013 Yih Sung Holomorphically parametrized L2 Cramer's rule and its algebraic geometric applications
2013 Anand Pankaj Patel The Geometry of Hurwitz Space
2013 Yu-Shen Lin Open Gromov-Witten Invariants on Elliptic K3 Surfaces and Wall-Crossing
2013 Nathan Kaplan Rational Point Counts for del Pezzo Surfaces over Finite Fields and Coding Theory
2012 Jack Thorne The Arithmetic of Simple Singularities
2012 Ethan Street Towards an Instanton Floer Homology for Tangles
2012 Aaron Silberstein Anabelian Intersection Theory
2012 Yi Li Analysis of some PDEs over manifolds
2012 Thomas Koberda Mapping class groups, homology and finite covers of surfaces
2012 Tatyana Khodorovskiy Symplectic Rational Blow-Up and Embeddings of Rational Homology Balls
2012 Jack Huizenga Restrictions of Steiner bundles and divisors on the Hilbert scheme of points in the plane
2012 Anand Deopurkar Alternate Compactifications of Hurwitz spaces
2012 Ana Caraiani Local-Global Compatibility and the Action of Monodromy on Nearby Cycles
2012 Ivana Bozic Mathematical Models of Cancer
2012 Jonathan Barlev D-modules on Spaces of Rational Maps and on Other Generic Data
2011 Stewart Wilcox Representations of the rational Cherednik algebras
2011 Chung-Jun Tsai Asymptotic spectral flow for Dirac operators of disjoint Dehn twists
2011 Ruifang Song The Picard-Fuchs systems of Calabi-Yau complete intersections in homogeneous spaces
2011 David Roe The Local Langlands Correspondence for Tamely Ramified Groups
2011 Ryan Reich Twisted geometric Satake equivalence via gerbes on the factorizable grassmannian
2011 Greta Panova Combinatorial applications of symmetric function theory to certain classes of permutations and truncated tableaux
2011 Si Li Calabi-Yau Geometry and Higer Genus Mirror Symmetry
2011 Daniel Kane On Elliptic Curves, the ABC Conjecture, and Polynomial Threshold Functions
2011 Wushi Goldring The Picard-Fuchs systems of Calabi-Yau complete intersections in homogeneous spaces
2011 Ming-Tao Chuan Existence of Hermitian-Yang-Mills Metrics under Conifold Transitions
2011 Po-Ning Chen Quasi-local energy in General Relativity
2010 Yevgeny Zaytman K3 surfaces of high Picard number and arithmetic applications
2010 Jeechul Woo Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves and Surface: Descents and Quadratic Sections
2010 Frederick van der Wyck Moduli of singular curves and crimping
2010 Aleksandar Subotic A monoidal structure for the Fukaya category
2010 Ji Oon Lee Lower Bound for Ground State Energy of Dilute Bose Gas
2010 Vinh Le Anh Some combinatorial problems in vector spaces over finite fields
2010 David Geraghty Modularity Lifting Theorems for Ordinary Galois Representations
2009 Valentino Tosatti Geometry of complex Monge-Ampère equations
2009 Corina Tarnita Evolutionary Dynamics in Structured Populations
2009 Cammie Smith Barnes Enumeration of the Distinct Shuffles of Permutations
2009 Sarah Rasmussen A Number Theoretic Result for Berge's Conjecture
2009 Jesse Kass Good Completions of Neron Models
2009 Samuel Isaacson Cubical Homotopy Theory and Monoidal Model Categories
2009 Stefan Hornet A generalization of a theorem of Ravenel and Wilson
2009 Andrew Dittmer Filament Geometry
2009 Suh-Hyun Choi Local Universal Deformation Lifting Spaces Of Mod L Galois Representations
2009 Chen-Yu Chi Pseudonorms and Theorems of Torelli Type for Birational Equivalence
2009 Evan Bullock Subcanonical Points on Algebraic
2009 Samik Basu A Structures on Thom Spectra
2009 Thomas Barnet-Lamb On Potential Automorphy and other topics in Number Theory
2008 David Smyth Compact Moduli of Singular Curves: A Case Study in Genus One
2008 Jonathan Pottharst Selmer Growth and a Triangulordinary Local Condition
2008 Kai-Wen Lan Arithmetic Compactifications of PEL-type Shimura Varieties
2008 David Harvey Algorithms for p-adic Cohomology and p-adic Heights
2008 Cameron Freer Models with High Scott Rank
2008 Maksym Fedorchuk Severi Varieties and the Moduli Space of Curves
2008 Dawei Chen Covers of Elliptic Curves and Slopes of Effective Divisors on the Moduli Space of Curves
2008 Irena Anno Weak Representation of Tangle Categories in Algebraic Geometry
2008 Amanda Alvine Investigation of J-holomorphic curves in M3 x S1
2007 Sug-Woo Shin Counting points on Igusa varieties
2007 Katherine Paur Modeling the Effects of Population Structure and Vaccination Strategy on Infectious Diseases
2007 Chung-Pang Mok The Exceptional Zero Conjecture For Hilbert Modular Form
2007 Andrew Lobb A slice genus lower bound from sl(n) Khovanov-Rozansky homology
2007 Sonal Jain Minimal Heights and Regulators for Elliptic Surfaces
2007 Ethan Cotterill Enumerative Geometry of Curves with Exceptional Secant Planes
2006 Jeng-Daw Yu On Ordinary K3 surfaces over Fp
2006 Teruyoshi Yoshida Weight Spectral Sequence and Hecke Correspondence on Shimura Varieties
2006 Chun-Chun Wu On the Geometry of Superstring with Torsion
2006 Rosa Sena-Dias Estimated Transversality And Rational Maps
2006 Michael Schein Weights Of Galois Representations Associated To Hilbert Modular Forms
2006 Ivan Petrakiev On Zero-Dimensional Schemes with Special Hilbert Functions
2006 Erick Matsen Analysis of Probabilistic Models of Evolution
2006 Abhinav Kumar K3 surfaces of high rank
2006 Florian Herzig The Weight in Serre Type Conjecture for Tame n-Dimensional Galois Representations
2006 Jy-Ying Janet Chen The Degree 4 L-Function of an Automorphic Form of Full Level on the Rank 2 Real Symplectic Group
2006 Sabin Cautis Extending Families of Curves: Monodromy and Applications
2006 Matthew Bainbridge Euler Characteristics of Teichm?ller Curves in Genus Two
2005 Vivek Mohta Applications of Chiral Perturbation Theory
2005 Jerrel Mast Pseudoholomorphic Punctured Spheres in the Symplectization of a Quotient
2005 Edward Lee A Modular Non-Rigid Calabi-Yau Threefold
2005 Deepee Khosla Moduli Spaces of Curves with Linear Series and the Slope Conjecture
2005 Jonathan Kaplan Morphlets; A Multiscale Representation for Diffeomorphisms
2005 Grigor Grigorov Kato's Euler System and the Main Conjecture
2005 Peter Green Geometricity of Local p-Adic Representations
2004 Stephanie Yang Special Linear Series in P2
2004 Nicholas Franklin Rogers Elliptic Curves x3 + y3 = k with High Rank
2004 Daniel Rauch Perturbations of the D-bar Operator
2004 Nick Ramsey Geometric and p-Adic Modular Forms of Half-Integral Weight
2004 Olga Plamenevskaya Contact Structures and Floer Homology
2004 Maryam Mirzakhani Simple geodesics on hyperbolic surfaces and the volume of the moduli space of curves
2004 Alina Marian Intersection Theory on the Moduli Space of Stable Bundles via Morphism Spaces
2004 Ciprian Manolescu A Spectrum Valued RQFT from the Seiberg-Witten Equations
2004 David Dumas Complex Projective Structures
2004 Izzet Coskun Degenerations of scrolls and Del Pezzo Surfaces and Applications to Enumerative Geometry
2003 Martin Weissman The Fourier-Jacobi map and small representations
2003 Jacob Rasmussen Floer Homology and Knot Complements
2003 Alexandru Popa Central value of Rankin L-series over real quadratic fields
2003 Mark Lucianovic Quaternion Rings
2003 Yu-Ru Liu Generalization of the Turan and the Erdos-Kac Theorems
2003 Spiro Karigiannis Deformations of G2 and Spin(7) Structures on Manifolds
2003 David Jao Supersingular primes for rational points on modular curves
2003 Peter Clark Local and global points on moduli spaces of abelian surfaces with potential quaternionic multiplication
2003 Bing Cheng Li-Yau-Hamilton Estimate for the Ricci Flow
2003 Jiun-Cheng Chen Flops and Equivalences of derived Categories for Threefolds with only terminal Gorenstein Singularities
2002 Huan Yang Hecke Algebra action on Siegel Modular Forms
2002 Mak Trifkovic On u-Invariants of Elliptic Curves over Q
2002 Ralph Scott Closed Self-Dual Two-Forms on Four-Dimensional Handlebodies
2002 Elena Mantovan On Certain Unitary Group Shimura Varieties
2002 Chiu-Chu Liu Moduli of J-Holomorphic Curves with Lagrangian Boundry Conditions
2002 Matvei Libine A Localization Argument for Characters of Reductive Lie Groups
2002 Samuel Grushevsky Effective Schottky problem
2002 Laura DeMarco Holomorphic families of Rational Maps: Dynamics Geometry and Potential Theory
2002 Dmitro Arinkin Fourier Transform for Quantized Completely Integrable Systems
2001 Vadim Vologodsky Hodge Structure on the Fundemental Group and its Application to p-adic Integrarion
2001 David Savitt Modularity of some potentially Barsotti-Tate Galois representations
2001 Robert Pollack On the p-adic L-function of a Modular Form at a Supersingular Prime
2001 William Mann Local Level-Raising for GLn
2001 Tomas Klenke Modular Varieties and Visibility
2000 Nina Zipser The Global Nonlinear Stability of the Trivial Solution of the Einstein-Maxwell Equations
2000 Thomas Weston On Selmer groups of geometric Galois Representations
2000 Christine Taylor Compact Manifolds with Exceptional Holonomy
2000 Jason Starr Rational Curves on Hypersurfaces in Pn
2000 Matthew Leingang Symmetric Space Valued Moment Maps
2000 Ian Dowker PU(2) monopoles on Kahler surfaces
2000 Mark Dickinson On the Modularity of Certain 2-adic Galois Representations
2000 Henry Cohn New Bounds on Sphere Packings
2000 James Bernhard Equivariant de Rham Theory and Statinary Phase Expansions
1999 Elizabeth Wilmer Exact Rates of Convergence for Some Simple Non-Reversible Markocv Chains
1999 Jianmei Wang Configuration space and Monopoles for Yang-Mills-Higgs Theory on R3/M
1999 Michael Szydlo Flat Regular Models of Elliptic Schemes
1999 Heather Russell Monomial Ideals and Hilbert Schemes
1999 Catherine O'Neil Jacobians of Curves of Genus One
1999 Adam Logan Moduli Spaces of Curves with Marked Points
1999 John Loftin Applications of Affine Differential Geometry to RP(2) Surfaces
1999 Gregory Landweber Dirac Operators on Loop Spaces
1999 Andrew Engelward Models over Z for Locally Quasi-Split Algebraic Groups
1999 Charles Doran Picard-Fuchs Uniformation and Geometric Isomonodromic Deformations
1999 Mira Bernstein Moduli of curves with level structure
1999 David Ben-Zvi Spectral Curves
1998 Jared Wunsch Microlocal Analysis of the Time-Dependent Schroedinger Operator
1998 Kelly Wieand Eigenvalue Distribution of Random Matrices in Permutation Group and Compact Lie Groups
1998 Mu-Tao Wang Generalized Harmonic Maps and Representations of Discrete Groups
1998 Chin-lung Wang Topology of Birational Manifolds and Applications to Degeneration
1998 Ralph Teixeira Curvature Motions, Medial Axes and Distance Transforms
1998 Michael Roth Calculations on the Moduli Space of Genus Zero Covers
1998 Leonid Positselski Koszul Property and Bogomolov's Conjecture
1998 David Pollack Explicit Hecke Actions on Modular Forms
1998 Seth Padowitz Traces of Hecke Operators
1998 Laila Maino Moduli Space of Enriched Stable Curves
1998 Joshua Lansky Hecke rings of Groups over Local Fields
1998 Michael Hutchings Reidemeister Torsion in Generalized Morse Theory
1998 Susan Goldstine Spin Representations and Lattices
1998 Wee-Tek Gan Exceptional Theta Correspondences
1998 Matthew Emerton 2-adic Modular Forms of Minimal Slope
1998 Jordan Ellenberg Hilbert Modular Forms and the Galois Representations Associated to Hilbert-Blumenthal Abelian Varieties
1998 Thomas Brennan Variation of capacity for Convex Domains in Euclidean Space
1997 Alexander Vishik Integral Motives of Quadrics
1997 Ravi Vakil Enumerative Geometry of Curves via Degeneration Methods
1997 James Turetsky Short Time Behavior of Logarithmic Derivatives of the Heat Kernel
1997 Svezdelina Stankova-Frenkel Moduli of Trigonal Curves
1997 Thomas Scanlon Model Theory of Valued D-Fields
1997 Igor Pak Random Walks on Groups: Strong Uniform Time Approach
1997 Adi Ofer Abelian L-Functions Twisted by Algebraic Tori A+S=0
1997 Hung Loke Exceptional Lie Groups and Lie Algebras
1997 Mikhail Grinberg A Generalization of Springer Theory using Nearby Cycles
1997 Jason Fulman Probability in the Classical Groups over Finite Fields: Symmetric Functions Stochastic Algorithms and Cycle Indices
1997 Keith Conrad p-adic Gamma Functions
1997 Xi Chen Rational Curves of K3 Surfaces
1996 David Steinsaltz Socks and Boxes: Variations on Daniel Bernoulli's Marriage Problem
1996 Jeffrey Silver Weighted Poincare and Exhaustive Techniques for Scaled Metropolis-Hastings Algorithms and Spectral total Variation Convergence Bounds in Infinite Commutable Markov Chain Theory
1996 Alexander Polishchuk Biextension Weil Representations on Derived Categories and Theta Functions
1996 Brad Mann Berry-Essen Central Limit Theorem for Markov Chains
1996 Nathan Lulov Random Walks on the Symmetric Group Generated by Conjugacy Classes
1996 Ai-Ko Liu Wall Crossing Formula of Seiberg-Witten Invariants and Symplectic Four Manifolds with b+1=1
1996 Brendan Hassett Special Cubic Hypersurfaces of Dimension Four
1995 Mikhail Verbitsky Cohomology of compact Hyperkaehler Manifolds
1995 Francis Su Methods for Quantifying Rates of Convergence for Random Walks on Groups
1995 Henri Shahrouz The Grothendieck Quot Schemes and Composition Laws for Grassmannians
1995 Karl Rumelhart Minimal Representations of Exceptional p-adic groups
1995 Wei-Dong Ruan On the Convergence of Kahler Metrics
1995 Eric Rains Topics in Probability on Compact Lie Groups
1995 David Grabiner Walks and Representation Theory
1995 Eugene Durenard A Mayer-Vietoris Principle for Monopoles
1994 Jiu-Kang Yu A-divisible Modules
1994 Lan Wang Canonical Heights and Rational Points on Varieties with Many Elliptic Fibrations
1994 Eric Twietmeyer Real Forms of Quantum Groups and Harish-Chandra Modules
1994 Constantin Teleman Lie Algebra Cohomology and the Fusion Rules
1994 Rahul Pandharipande A Compactification over the Moduli space of Stable curves of the Universal Moduli Space pf Slope-Semistable Vector Bundles
1994 Kok-onn Ng The Moduli Space of (3,3,3) Trilinear Forms
1994 Thomas Hagedorn Multiplicities in restricted Representations of GLn (Fq) Un(Fq) and SO(Fq)
1994 Michael Finkelberg Fusion Categories
1994 Constantine Costes Some explicit Cocycles for Cohomology Classes of Groups of Diffeomorphisms Preserving a G-Structure
1994 James Bryan Symplectic Geometry and the Relative Donaldson Invariants of the Conjugate Projective Plan
1994 Eugen Angehrn An Effective Polynomial Bound for Base Point Freeness and Point Separation of Adjoint Bundles
1993 Rongguang Wang Essays on Vortices Knots and Monopoles
1993 Susan Tolman Group Actions and Cohomology
1993 Du Nguyen Graded Lie Algebras and conformal Field theories l: The Genus O Case
1993 David Maslen Fast Transforms and Sampling for Compact groups
1993 Peter Magyar Formulas for Generalized Kazhdan-Lusztig Polynomials
1993 Kefeng Liu On Modular Invariants and Rigidity Theorems
1993 Yael Karshon Hamiltonian Actions of Lie Groups
1993 Jun-Muk Hwang Global Nondeformability of the Complex Hyperquadric
1993 Kaspar Ernst On the ends of the monopole Moduli Space
1993 Neil Dummigan The 2nd Descent for Certain Families of Mordell-Weil Lattices
1993 Shun-Jen Cheng Differentiably Simple Lie Superalgebras
1993 Lucia Caporaso On a Compactification of the Universal Picard variety over the Moduli space of Stable Curves
1993 Eric Belsley Rates of Convergence of Markov Chains Related to Association Schemes
1992 Hon-Wai Wong Dolbeault Cohomologies and Zuckerman Modules Associated with Finite Rank Representations
1992 Eric Weinstein Extension of Self-Dual Yang-Mills Equations across the Eight Dimension
1992 Xuesung Wang Higher-Order Characteristic Classes in Arithmetic Geometry
1992 Vladimir Voevodsky Homology of Schemes and covariant Motives
1992 Andras Szenes The Verlinde Formulas and Moduli Spaces of Vector Bundles
1992 Andrew J. Schwartz Functional Smoothing of Morphisms in Equal Characteristic 0
1992 Jeffrey Rosenthal Rates of Convergence for Gibbs Sampler and other Markov Chains
1992 Michael McQuillan Division Points on Semi-Abelian Varieties
1992 David Kotz A p-adic Computation of Singular Moduli
1992 Karen Chandler Hilbert and Functions of Zero-Dimensional Schemes in Uniform Position
1992 Pablo Azcue On the Dimension of the Chow Varieties
1991 Philip Spencer Yang-Mills Connections with Asymptotically Constant Curvature
1991 Keith Ramsey Power-free Values of Polynomials
1991 James McKernan On the Hyperplane sections of a Variety in Projective Space
1991 Edward Frenkel Affine Kac-Moody Algebras at the Critical Level and Quantum Drinfield-Sokolov Reduction
1991 Henri Darmon Refined Class Formulas for Derivatives of L-Series
1991 Jean-Francois Burnol Weierstrass Points on Arithmetic Surfaces
1991 Wayne Aitken An Arithmetic Riemann-Roch Theorem for Singular Arithmetic Surfaces
1991 Dan Abramovich Subvarieties of Abelian Varieties and of Jacobians of Curves
1990 Yang Wang Image Segmentation by Variational Methods and Elliptic Boundary Value Problems
1990 Ki-Seng Tan Refined Conjectures of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Type
1990 Richard Stong Nonexistence of Almost Handebody Structures on Topological Four Manifold Pairs
1990 Edward Shipiz Deligne's Conjecture in the Constant Coefficient Case
1990 Wan-Xiong Shi Ricci Deformation of the Metric on Complete Noncompact Kahler Manifolds
1990 Andrew D. Schwartz Igusa Towers over Hilbert Modular Surfaces
1990 Zachary Robinson On Some Conditions of Regularity for Subanalytic Sets
1990 Steven Lu On Meromorthic Maps between Algebraic Varieties with Log-General Targets
1990 Jun Li Construction of Stable Vector Bundle on Surface of Low 2nd Chern Classification
1990 Alexandros Kouvidakis Divisors on Some Moduli Spaces
1990 Martin Hildebrand Rates of Convergence of Some Random Processes on Finite Groups
1990 Stephen DiPippo Spaces of Rational Functions on Curves over Finite Fields
1989 Fangyang Zheng Semipositive Threefolds and Threefolds with Universal covering C(3)
1989 Daniel Rockmore Fast Fourier Analysis for Finite Groups
1989 David Roberts Shimura Curves Analogous to X (N)
1989 Dipendra Prasad Trilinear Forms for GL (2) of a Local Field and Epsilon Factors
1989 Robert Morelli Hilbert's Third Problem and the K Theory of Toric Varieties
1989 Rama Kocherlakota Integral Homology of Real Flag Manifolds and Loop Spaces of Symmetric Spaces
1988 Boris Youssin Newton Polyhedra without Coordinates
1988 Charles Walter Cohomology of Normal bundles of curves in P and other Topics
1988 Pirooz Vakili Three Topics on Perturbation Analysis of Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
1988 Gang Tian Kaehler Metrics on Algebraic Manifolds
1988 Gordan Savin Limit Multiplications of Cusp Forms
1988 Zinovy Reichstein The Behavior of Stability under Equivariant Maps
1988 Alan Nadel Hyperbolic Surfaces
1988 Irwin Jungreis Ordered and unordered Periodic Points of Maps
1987 Dinesh Thakur Gamma Functions and Gauss Sums for Function Fields
1987 Carlos Simpson Systems of Hodge Bundles and Uniformization
1987 Kevin Keating Lifting Endomorphisms of Formal Groups
1987 John Jones Iwasawa theory at Multiplicative Primes
1987 Rhonda Hatcher Heights and L-Series
1987 Fernando Gouvea Arithmetic of p-adic Modular Forms
1987 Ezra Getzler Degree Theory of Wiener Maps and Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics
1987 Alan Fekete Topics in Distributed Algorithms
1987 Noam Elkies Supersingular Primes of a Given Elliptic Curve over a Number Field
1987 Nigel Boston Deformation theory of Galois Representations
1987 Jonathan Block Excursion in Cyclic Homology of Topological Algebras
1987 Rogerio Aguilar Rodriguez Connections between Representations of Lie Groups and Sheaf Cohomology
1986 Akihiko Yukie Applications of Equivariant Morse Stratifications
1986 Xian Wu Nondegeneracy of Infinitesimal Invariants Associated to Normal Functions
1986 Jeremy Teitelbaum p-adic Periods as Moduli for Schottky Curves of Genus Two
1986 Oscar Sanchez V. On Supergeometric Structures
1986 Miller Puckette Shannon Entropy and the Central Limit Theorem
1986 Carlos Gomez-Mont On Local Torelli for Extremal Varieties
1986 Kevin Corlette Stability and Canonical Metrics in Infinite Dimensions
1986 Gregory Call Local Heightson Families of Abelian Varieties
1985 Mark Spivakovsky Sandwiched Singularities and the Nash Resolution for Surfaces
1985 Igor Reider Bounds on Irregularity of Surfaces of General Type
1985 Stefanos Pantazis Prym Varieties and the Geodesic Flow on SO(n)
1985 Renato Mirollo Rank Conditions on Sub-Varieties of Grassmannians
1985 Curtis McMullen Families of Rational Maps and Iterative Root-Finding Algorithms
1985 Mitchell Laks On the Characters of the Representations of Division Algebras over a Weak Field
1985 Robert Kuhn On the Canonical Closure of the Universal Elliptic Curve over Xl(n)
1985 Robin Forman Functional Determinants and Applications to Geometry
1985 Koji Cho Positivity of the Curvature of the Weil-Petersson Metric on the Moduli Space of Stable Vector Bundles
1985 Wing-Sum Cheung On Higher Order Conservation Laws
1985 Jen-Tseh Chang Special K-Types and the Beilinson-Bernstein Realization
1984 Robin Ticciati Singularities in Moduli Spaces of Yang-Mills Fields
1984 Takahiro Shiota Characterization of Jacobian Varieties in Terms of Soliton Equations
1984 William McCallum The Tate-Shafarevich Group of the Jacobian of a Quotient of the Fermat Curve
1984 Thongchai Kengmana Discrete Characters on Non-Riemannian Symmetric Spaces
1984 George Gilbert Analytic Multiplicity One Theorems for GL (n)
1984 Edward Dunne Hyperfunction Solutions of the Zero Rest Mass
1984 Boris Datakousky On Zeta Functions Associated with the Space of Binary Cubic Forms with Coefficients in a Function Field
1984 Ching-Li Chai Compactification of Siegel Moduli Schemes
1984 Colin Bailey B-Degrees for Weakly Inadmissible B
1983 Deane Yang Involutive Hyperbolic Differential Systems
1983 Paul Vojta Integral Points on Varieties
1983 Michael Stillman Construction of Holomorphic Differential Forms on the Moduli Space of Abelian Varieties
1983 Emma Previato Hyperelliptic Curves and Solitons
1983 Yevsey Nisnevich Etale Cohomology and Arithmetic of Semisimple Groups
1983 Amnon Neeman Topics in Algebraic Geometry
1983 Lisa Mantini An Analogy of the Penrose Correspondence for Representations of U(p,q) on L2-Cohomology
1983 Mikhail Gurevich Theory of e-representations
1983 Eric Grinberg Integral Geometry on Compact Symmetric Spaces
1982 David Wright Dirichlet Series Associated with the Space of Binary Cubic Forms with Coefficients in a Number Field
1982 Joseph Silverman The Neron-Tate Height On Elliptic Curves
1982 Judith Packer Von Neumann Algebras Associated to Ergodic Actions of Countable Groups
1982 Vijayakumar Murty Algebraic Cycles on Abelian Varieties
1982 Aharon Livne On Certain Covers of the Universal Elliptic Curve
1982 Henry Laquer Homogeneous Connections and Yang-Mils Theory on Homogeneous Spaces
1982 Nicholas Gunther Hamiltonian Mechanics and Optimal Control
1982 Edmond Griffin Special Fibers in Families of Plane Curves
1982 Peter Dordal Independence Results Concerning Some Combinatorial Properties of the Continuum
1982 Eric Berger The Gauss Map and Isometric Embedding
1982 Max Benson The Kahler Algebra and Analytic Equivalence of Isolated Hypersurfaces Singularities
1982 David Bayer The Division Algorithm and the Hilbert Scheme
1981 Glenn Stevens On Congruences Satisfied by Special Values of L-functions
1981 Theodore Slaman Aspects of E-Recursion
1981 Karl Rubin On the Arithmetic of CM Elliptic Curves in Zp-Extensions
1981 Sheldon Kamienny On J1(p) and the Arithmetic of the Kernel of the Eisenstein Ideal
1981 Bruce Jordan On the Diophantine Arithmetic of Shimura Curves
1981 Nancy Hingston Equivariant Morse Theory and Closed Geodesics
1981 Joseph Halpern Axiomatic Definitions of Programming Languages and Logics of Programs
1981 Marcia Groszek Iterated Perfect Set Forcing and Degrees of Constructibility
1981 Robert Friedman Hodge Theory
1981 Theodore Chinburg Stark's Conjecture
1980 Loring Tu Variation of Hodge Structure and the Local Torelli Problem
1980 David Morrison Semistable Degenerations of Enriques and Hyperelliptic Surfaces
1980 Curt Monash Stochastic Games: The Minmax Theorem
1980 Farshid Jamshidian Integral Geometry of Plane Complexes
1980 Max Benson The Kaehler algebra and analytic equivalence of isolated hypersurface singularities
1979 Dan Willard Predicate-Oriented Database Search Algorithms
1979 Terrie Stevens Weakened Topologies for Lie Groups
1979 Giuseppe Canuto Associated Curves and Plucker Formulas in Grassmannians
1978 Dale Peterson Geometry of the Adjoint Representation of a Complex Semisimple Lie Algebra
1978 Carl Offner Zeros and Growth of Entire Functions of Order One and Maximal Type With an Application to the Random Signs Problem
1978 Ian Morrison Projective Stability of Ruled Surfaces
1978 William Lang Quasi-Elliptic Surfaces in Characteristic Three
1978 Joe Harris A Bound on the Geometric Genus of Projective Varieties
1978 Benedict Gross Arithmetic on Elliptic Curves with Complex Multiplication
1978 Henri Gillet The Applications of Algebraic K-Theory to Intersection Theory
1978 Ofer Gabber Some Theorems on Azumaya Algebras
1978 Moshe Breiner Essential Singularities of Entire Analytic Varieties
1977 William Wilson Fusion in Nonabelian Groups of Order p3
1977 James Weisinger Some Results on Classical Eisenstein Series and Modular Forms over Function Fields
1977 Jerrold Tunnell On the Local Langlands Conjecture for GL(2)
1977 Robert Kottwitz Orbital Integrals on GL3
1977 Jerome Hoffman The Hodge Theory of Flat Vector Bundles on a Complex Torus
1977 Michael Harris On p-adic Representations Arising From Descent on Abelian Varieties
1977 David Goss P-adic Eisenstein Series for Function Fields
1977 Daniel Flath A Comparison of the Automorphic Representations of GL (3) and its Twisted Forms
1977 Ron Donagi On the Geometry of Grassmannians
1977 Don Coppersmith Deformations of Lie Groups and Lie Algebras
1977 Joe Buhler Icosahedral Galois Representations
1977 Robert Brooks On the Smooth Cohomology of Groups of Diffeomorphisms
1976 Richard Weiss Refined Chern Classes for Foliations
1976 Allen Tannenbaum Deformations of L-cycles and the Chow Scheme
1976 Yung-Sheng Tai On Arithmetic Quotients of Bounded Symmetric Domains
1976 Caroline Series Ergodic Actions of Product Groups
1976 Peter Olver Symmetry Groups of Partial Differential Equations
1976 Fred Kochman Bernstein Polynomials and the Gauss-Manin Connection
1976 Naomi Jochowitz Congruences Between Modular Forms and Implications for the Hecke Algebra
1976 Kenneth Baclawski Homology and Combinatorics of Ordered Sets
1975 Robert Zimmer Ergodic Group Actions with Generalized Discrete Spectrum
1975 Sandy Zabell A Limit Theorem for Conditional Expectations with Applications to Probability Theory and Statistical Mechanics
1975 William Symes Holomorphic Pseudogroup Structures on Quasiprojective Varieties
1975 Walter Stromquist Some Aspects of the Four Color Problem
1975 Zenaida Ramos Analytic Theory of Elliptic Curves with Split Multiplicative Reduction over Complete Rings
1975 Ulf Persson On Degenerations of Algebraic Surfaces
1975 James Perchik Cohomology of Hamiltonian and Related Formal Vector Field Lie Algebras
1975 Linda Ness Curvature on Algebraic Plane Curves
1975 Mark Mostow Continuous Cohomology of Spaces with Two Topologies
1975 Victor Miller Diophantine and p-adic Analysis of Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms
1975 Peter Hahn Haar Measure and Convolution Algebras on Ergodic Groupoids
1975 Walter Griffith Cohomology of Flag Varieties on Characteristic p
1975 William Gordon Linking the Conjectures of Artin-Tate and Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer
1975 Frederick Fuglister On a Problem of E. Artin
1975 Robert Fisher Endomorphisms of Abelian Schemes
1975 Alain Damlamian Non-Linear Evolution Equations with Variable Norms
1975 Donald Cohn Topics in Liftings and Stochastic Processes
1975 Daniel Cohen Small Rings in Critical Maps
1975 Robert Brody Intrinsic Metrics and Measures on Compact Complex Manifolds
1975 Avner Ash Polyhedral Reduction Theory in Self-Adjoint Homogeneous Cones
1975 John Adams On the Theorem of Frenet
1974 George Shapiro Some Aspects of Balayage of Fourier Transforms
1974 Henry Pinkham Deformations of Algebraic Varieties with Gm Action
1974 Francis Myers P-adic Schottky Groups
1974 Kenneth Kramer Two-descent for Elliptic Curves in Characteristic Two
1974 Colin Godfrey Ideals of Orbits of Nilpotent Lie Algebras
1974 Johh Garberson The Cohomology of Certain Algebraic Varieties
1974 Frederick Fuglister On a problem of E. Artin
1974 Persi Diaconis Weak and Strong Averages in Probability and the Theory of Numbers
1974 William Carter On the Cohomology Theory of Fields
1974 Joseph Carroll On the 2-primary Part of K2O and on Z2-extensions for Imaginary Quadratic Fields
1974 Michael Buchner Stability of the Cut Locus
1973 Thomas Wieting Ergodic Affine Lebesgue G-Spaces
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1973 Kenneth Ribert Galois Action on Division Points of Abelian Varieties with Many Real Multiplications
1973 Michael O'Hare
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1973 Robert Metcalfe
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1973 Stacy Langston Valuative Criteria for Families of Vector Bundles on Algebraic Varieties
1973 Daniel Kubert Universal Bounds on the Torsion and Isogenics of Elliptic Curves
1973 Eric Kronstadt Interpolating Sequences in Polydisks
1973 Joel Hirsh
1973 Ronald Hirschorn
1973 Charles Getchell Construction of Rings in Modular Lattices
1973 Peter Forrest On the Virtual Groups Defined by Ergodic Actions of Rn and Zn
1973 Gerald Edgar Convergence from an Algebraic Point of View
1973 Peter Chen
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1972 Neil White The Bracket Ring and Combinatorial Geometry
1972 Francisco Thayer-Fabrega Liftings in the Category of C* Algebras
1972 Peter Shalen Triangulation of 3-Manifolds: A Piecewise Linear Approach
1972 Charles Setzer Elliptic Curves of Prime Conductor
1972 Steven Schnider Invariant Theory and the Cohomology of Infinite Lie Algebras
1972 Mary Schaps Non-singular Deformations of Space Curves using Determinantal Schemes
1972 Carl Pomerance Odd Perfect Numbers are Divisible by at least Seven Distinct Primes
1972 Arthur Ogus Local Cohomology Dimension of Algebraic Varieties
1972 Lee Mondshein
1972 Daniel Marcus Direct Decompositions of Commutative Monoids
1972 Finn Knudsen Towards Projectivity of the Space of Moduli of Stable Curves of a Given Genus
1972 Lewis Josephs
1972 David Harris A Study of Three-Dimensional Principally-Polarized Abelian Varieties
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1972 Stephen Fisk Triangulations of Two Manifolds with Local Properties
1972 James Damon Thom Polynomials for Contact Class Singularities
1972 Stephen Crick Local Moduli of Abelian Varieties
1972 Jerry Bona Cauchy Problems with Random Initial Values in the Space of Tempered Distributions
1971 Alan Waterman General-Valued Polarities
1971 Jonathan Wahl Deformations of Branched Covers and Equisingularity
1971 Richard Stanley Ordered Structures and Partitions
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1971 Michael Razar The Non-vanishing of L(1) for Certain Elliptic Curves
1971 Richard Goodman Round-off Error in the Numerical Solution of Retarded Ordinary Differential Equations
1971 Michael Connnolly
1970 Joel Spencer Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorial Theory
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1970 Vern Poythress Partial Algebras
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1970 David Gieseker Contributions to the Theory of Positive Embeddings in Algebraic Geometry
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1969 Donald Olivier
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1969 Emmett Keeler Mathematical Models of Economic Growth
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1968 Keith Josephson The Structure of a Banach Algebra Invariant for Measure Preserving Automorphisms
1968 Christopher Henrich Nonunitary Representations and Harmonic Analysis of Some Solvable Lie Groups
1968 Charles Feifeld The Coholomogy Theory of Transitive Moduales over the Primitive Infinite Lie Algebras
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1968 Paul Chernoff Semigroup Product Formulas and Addition of Unbounded Operators
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1968 George Bergman Commuting Elements in Free Algebras and Related T+E225opics in Ring Theory
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1967 David Ragozin Approximation Theory on Compact Manifolds and Lie Groups with Applications to Harmonic Analysis
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1967 Nelson Max Homemorphisms of Sn x Sl
1967 Sandy Grabiner Radical Banach Algebras and Formal Power Series
1967 Hubert Goldschmidt Overdetermined Systems of Analytic Partial Difference Equations
1967 Gustave Efroymson Cohomology Rings of Commutative Formal Groups
1966 Herry Wente Existence Theorems for Surfaces of Constant Mean Curvature and Perturbations of a Liquid Globule in Equilibrium
1966 Stuart Sidney Powers of Maximal Ideals in Function Algebras
1966 Theodore Palmer Unbounded Normal Operators on Banach Spaces
1966 Connor Lazarov Secondary Characteristic Classin K-Theory
1966 John Fogarty On Hilbert Schemes
1966 Stephen Cook On the Minimum Computation Time of Functions
1966 Kirby Baker Topological Methods in the Algebraic Theory of Vector Lattices
1966 Steadman Bagby Conformal Invariants for Condensers
1965 Martin Schultz The Convergence of Difference Approximations to Cauchy Problems in the Space of Tempered Distributions
1965 Joseph Lipman Quasi-ordinary Singularities of Embedded Surfaces
1965 Peter Landweber Kunneth Formulas for Bordism Theories
1965 John Labute Classification of Demushkin Groups
1965 Steven Kleiman Toward a Numerical Theory of Ampleness
1965 William Jones Types of Completeness in Locally Convex Spaces
1965 Herbert Halperin Decomposition of Centrally Reducible and of Reducible Functionals
1965 Ethan Bolker Functions Resembling Quotients of Measures
1964 Richard Turyn Character Sums and Difference Sets
1964 John Schlessinger Infinitesimal Deformations of Singularities
1964 Daniel Quillen Formal Theory of Linear overdetermined Systems of Partial Differential Equations
1964 Donald Passman Groups and Group Rings
1964 Stephen Lichtenbaum Curves over Discrete Valuation Rings
1964 Karl Kronstein Characters and Systems of Subgroups
1964 Bernard Kripkee Modules of Holomorphic Vector-Valued Functions
1964 Irving Isaacs P-Solvable Linear Groups
1964 Richard Holzsager Classification of certain Types of Spaces
1964 Deborah Haimo Integral Equations Associated with Hankel Convolutions
1964 Jerry Fields Rational Approximations to Generalized Hypergeometric Functions
1964 John Dauns Convolution Transforms whose Inversion Functions have Complex Roots
1963 Joseph Zilber Categories in Homotopy Theory
1963 Charles Sims Enumerating p-Groups
1963 Ralph Rockafellar Convex Functions and Dual Extremum Problems
1963 Judith Obermayer Curves of Genus 3 over Characteristic 2
1963 Victor Manjarrez Polynomial Bases for Compact Sets in the Plane
1963 Saul Lubkin Theory of Covering Spaces
1963 Jonathan Lubin One-parameter Formal Lie Groups over p-adic Integer Rings
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1963 Roger Kirchner Elementary Moduli for Teichmuller Space
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1963 Seymour Hayden On Finite Linear Groups whose Order contains a Prime Larger than the Degree
1963 John Denton Applications of the Herbrand Theorem
1963 Lawrence Conlon Spaces of Paths on a Symmetric Space
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1962 Harold Ward On Ree's Series of Simple Groups
1962 Stephen Shatz Cohomology of Artinian Group Schemes over Local Fields
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1957 Solomon Golomb Problems in the Distribution of the Prime Numbers
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1955 Eoin L. Whitney Variability Regions for the Univalent Functions and their Derivatives
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1955 Parfeny Saworotnow On the generalization of the notion of H*-algebra: Complemented algebras
1955 Roger Pinkham Inversion of the Laplace and Stieltjes transforms utilizing difference operators
1955 Robert Osserman Contributions to the Problem of Type
1955 John Kalman Some Inequalities Related to Holder Inequality and Some Contributions to Lattice Theory
1955 James Howland Induced potentials
1955 Shreeram Abhyankar Local uniformization of algebraic surfaces over modular ground fields
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1954 James Eells Geometric aspects of integration theory
1953 Lawrence Rosenfeld On distortion at the boundary of a conformal mapping
1953 Theodore Rivlin Overconvergent Taylor Series and the zeros of related polynomials
1953 Robert Kozelka On some special order statistics from a multinomial distribution
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1953 Irwin Fischer The totality of curves of genus g
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1952 Norman Zachary
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1951 Henry Nelson
1951 Graham Murray
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1950 Allen Devinatz Transformations in Reproducing
1950 Philip Davis
1950 H. Chandler Davis
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1949 George Springer Representations of Finite Groups
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1948 Margaret Elliott On the Degree of Approximation to Harmonic Functions by Harmonic Polynomials
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1947 Frank Stewart Non-commutative integration and abstract differential equations
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1946 Pesi Masani Multiplicative Riemann integration in normed rings
1945 Choy-Tak Taam On the solutions of ordinary linear homogeneous differential equations of the second order in the complex domain
1945 Richard Arens Topologies for spaces of transformations
1936 Walter Sewell Generalized derivatives and approximation by polynomials
1936 Arthur Sard On the measure of the critical values of functions
1936 Joel Brenner The linear homogeneous group modulo p
1935 George Van Schaack Topics in the theory of critical points
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1935 John Curtiss I. Interpolation in transforms of the roots of unity II. The Jacobi interpolation series on the lemniscate of convergence
1934 Frederick Steen On a class of polynomials which minimize definite integrals
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1934 Donald Ballou A class of completely monotonic functions every positive power of which is also completely monotonic
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1933 Ruth Peters Parallelism and equidistance in Riemannian geometry
1933 Lester Moston Invariant methods in the infinitesimal geometry of surfaces
1933 James Frame The theory of tables of group characteristics
1932 Hassler Whitney The coloring of graphs
1932 Mildred Sullivan On the derivations of Newtonian and logarithmic potentials near the acting masses
1932 Helen Russell On the degree of convergence and overconvergence of polynomials of best simultaneous approximation to several functions analytic in distinct regions
1932 Griffith Price On the double pendulum and similar dynamical systems
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1932 Daniel Lewis Infinite systems if ordinary differential equations with applications to certain second order non-linear partial differential equations of hyperbolic type
1932 Spofford Kimball On rigid motions in four dimensions with applications to the Laguerre geometry of three dimensions
1932 Joseph Doob The boundary values of analytic functions
1931 Turner Smith The Birkhoff fluid theory of electricity
1931 Charles Morrey Invariant functions of conservative surface transformations
1931 Cecil Holmes The approximation of harmonic functions in three dimensions by harmonic polynomials
1930 Charles Wexler On the theory of quadratic fields
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1930 Tsai-Han Kiang Existence of critical points of harmonic functions of three variables
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1930 Orin Farrell (a) on the expansion of harmonic functions in terms of harmonic polynomials (b) On approximation to an arbitrary function of a complex variable by polynomials
1930 Edward Cutler Some properties of genesubspaces of a Riemannian space
1930 Albert Currier The problem if the calculations in m-space with end points variable on two manifolds
1930 Stewart Cairns The cellular division and approximation of regular spreads
1929 Robin Robinson On the differential geometry of surfaces in non-Euclidean space
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1929 Arthur Brown Relations between the critical points of a real analytic function of n independent variables
1929 Andrew Berry Fourier representations
1928 Fred Perkins On the oscillation of harmonic functions
1928 Morris Marden On the location of the roots of the Jacobian of two binary forms and of the derivative of a rational function
1927 Isidor Sheffer On the theory of linear differential equations of infinite order
1926 Marshall Stone Ordinary linear homogeneous differential equations of order n and the related expansion problems
1926 Morris Slotnick Fundamental transformations of surfaces
1926 Bernard Koopman On rejection to infinity and exterior motion in the restricted Problem of Three Bodies
1926 Miltiades Demos The group characteristics of the general and special quaternary linear homogeneous groups
1926 Arthur Copeland Studies on the gyroscope
1925 Lewis Ward Boundary value problems of the third order and the allied expansions
1925 Heinrich Brinkmann Contributions to the theory of Riemann spaces
1924 David Widder Some mean-value theorems connected with Cote's Method of Mechanical Quadature
1924 Julian Holley Linear spaces and their fixed points.
1923 Forrest Murray (a) on certain differential equations of the second order (b) on certain systems of differential equations containing a parameter
1923 Ben Linfield On the theory of discrete varieties
1923 Carl Garabedian A method of series in elastic with applications (I) to circular plates of constant or variable thickness
1922 Eleanor Pairman Expansion theorems for solution of a Fredholm homogeneous integral equation of the second kind with kernel of non-symmetric type
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1922 Bancroft Brown The equilong transformations of Euclidean space
1922 Clarence Adams The general theory of the linear partial q-difference equation and of the linear partial difference equation of the intermediate type
1921 Rachel Blodgett The determination of the coefficients in interpolation formulae and a study of the approximate solution of integral equations
1920 Joseph Walsh On the location of the roots of the Jacobian of two binary forms
1920 Hyman Ettlinger (a) Existence Theorems for the General Real Self-Adjoint Linear System of the Second Order (b) Oscillation Theorems for the Real Self-Adjoint Linear System of the Second Order
1919 Tsoo Tsiang The Geometry of a Non-Euclidean Line-Sphere Transformation
1919 Clarence Reynolds On the Zeros of Solutions of Linear Differential Equations
1919 Louis Brand (a) On Linear equations with an Infinite Number of Variables (b) on Infinite Systems of Linear Integral Equations (c) Flexural Deflections and Statically Indeterminate Beams
1917 Marston Morse Certain types of geodesic motion on a surface of negative curvature
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1917 Lester Ford On rational approximations to an irrational complex number
1917 Mary Curtis Curves invariant under point-transformations of special type
1916 Norman Miller Some problems connected with the linear connectivity of manifolds
1916 Alton Miller Systems of pencils of lines in ordinary space
1916 Raymond Brink Some integral tests for the convergence and divergence of infinite series
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1915 Levi Wilson Conformal transformation of curvilinear angles
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1915 William Milne On the degree of convergence of Birkhoff's series
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1913 Joseph Slepian On the functions of a complex variable defined by an ordinary differential equation of the first order and first degree
1913 Roger Johnson An analytic treatment of the conic as an element of space of three dimensions
1913 Guy Clements Implicit functions defined by equations with vanishing Jacobian
1913 David Barrow Oriented circles in space
1912 Tomlinson Fort Problems connected with linear difference equations of the second order with special reference to equations with periodic coefficients
1911 Samuel Urner Certain singularities of point-transformations in space of three-dimensions
1910 Frank Hitchcock Vector functions of a point
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1909 Louis Dederick Certain singularities of transformations of two real variables
1908 Charles Moore On the theory of convergence factors and some of its applications
1908 Frank Irwin The invariants of linear differential expressions
1907 William Brenke A contribution to the theory of trigonometric and zonal harmonic series
1906 William Roever Brilliant points
1905 Walter Ford On the problem of analytic extension as applied to the functions defined by power series
1904 Lewis Ames An arithmetic treatment of some problems in analysis situs
1903 David Curtiss Binary Families in a triply connected region with especial reference to hypergeometric families
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1901 Charles Black The parametric representation of the neighborhood of a singular point of an analytic surface
1898 Donald Campbell On linear differential equations of the third and fourth orders in whole solutions exist certain homogeneous relations
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1897 Frederick Safford Systems of revolution and their relation to conical systems in the theory of Lame's products
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1895 James Glover On the Properties of functions defined by the partial equation
1889 Joseph Markley Bessel's Functions
1887 George Johnson Surfaces having the principal radii of curvature at each point numberically equal but of opposite sign
1886 Frank Cole A contribution to the theory of the general equation of the sixth degree
1879 Leonard Waldo The investigation of the constants of the micrometirc apparatus of the Merz equatorial of the observatory of Harvard College together with the discussion of the observations of the satellites of Mars observed therewith
1873 William Byerly The heat of the sun