Hiro Lee Tanaka

Office 341
Harvard University Math Department
1 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

About Me

I'm currently a Benjamin Peirce Fellow and NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard. I completed my Ph.D. at Northwestern University, where my advisor was Kevin Costello. You may have also seen me in Bonn in summer of 2015, or around the Bay Area in spring of 2014, when I was an MSRI Postdoctoral Fellow.

My research is in algebraic topology with an emphasis on mathematical physics. If you are interested in a more detailed discussion of my research projects, please feel free to follow the link.

Other interests

I am currently one of the faculty advisors for Harvard's Gender Inclusivity in Mathematics. I am also one of the coaches for a local high school Mock Trial team, and I used to volunteer with PBHA's Youth Prison Tutoring Program. During spring of 2014, I volunteered for the Reading Partners program, reading one-on-one with students at an elementary school in Oakland. Back in Chicago, I used to volunteer for the Chicago HOPES homeless education program, where I worked with students in elementary and middle schools. I also coached Northwestern University's undergraduate Mock Trial team, and was one of two Outreach Coordinators for the Northwestern Presidential Fellows. Feel free to ask me about any of these programs if you are curious about them.

I also co-organized the Talbot Workshop from Fall 2009 to Spring 2013. Along the way, I helped organize the 2013 Pre-Talbot Seminar on chromatic homotopy theory and the 2011 Pre-Talbot seminar on non-Abelian Hodge Theory with Sam Gunningham and Owen Gwilliam.

Statement of commitment to diversity in mathematics

I support conducting further research into the sometimes subtle, sometimes not-so-subtle, ways in which various groups come to be underrepresented in mathematical fields. I also support promoting policies and activities to dismantle the mechanisms that lead to representational inequalities in mathematics.