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Courses can be searched on the Course catalog. A fetched PDF of the catalog can be seen also rendered on the local course page. The Course Locations report, Spring 2018. Here is a short link to search Math courses.

Information about upper level course assistants is as usual upperlevel CA page. Math Night are weekly problem-set nights for upper-level courses.


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Latest Math event:
05/01/2018 Summer Tutorials 2018, by Robert Cass, Morgan Opie and Yongquan Zhang. More ... mathtable talk

Symposium Celebrating the Mathematical Work of David Mumford

From Algebraic Geometry to Vision and AI: A Symposium Celebrating the Mathematical work of David Mumford
August 18-20, 2018 Science Center Lecture Hall B

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News and Announcements

The news and events page shows older announcements ...

Undergraduate Prizes and Awards

Please congratulate the recipients of the Department's undergraduate prizes and awards:
  • David Mumford Undergraduate Mathematics Prize: from the income of the gift in 1997 of Peter L. Falb, A.B. 1957, A.M. 1957, Ph.D. 1961 to establish the David B. Mumford Undergraduate Mathematics Prize, to be given annually to the most promising senior concentrator in mathematics, provided such concentrator is outstanding. The Mumford Prize in 2018 has been awarded to James Tao.
  • Herb Alexander Award: from the gift of Susan Alexander, the Herb Alexander Award recognizes each year one of our outstanding undergraduates, and provides money to be used for research and travel. The Herb Alexander Award is given this year to James Hotchkiss.
  • Robert Fletcher Rogers Prizes: From the income of the gift in 1921 of the late Robert Fletcher Rogers, A.B. 1886, there have been established a first prize and second prize to be awarded annually to the College students who present the best talks before the Mathematics Table during an academic year. The Robert Fletcher Rogers Prizes are given this year to Cameron Krulewski for "Vector Bundles and K-Theory" and Rohil Prasad for "Introduction to Morse Theory". Honorable mentions go to both Frid Fu for "Surgery with Poincaré manifold as an application" and Xavier Gonzalez for "The Leech Lattice".
  • Friends Prize: Each year, two of our senior thesis writers are selected to present talks on their theses to the Friends of the Harvard Math department. The Friends prizes are given this year to to Nihal Gowravaram and Jennifer Hu
  • Finally, the winners of this year's Hoopes Prizes are Nihal Gowravaram, for his thesis entitled "Zero Knowledge Proofs and Applications to Financial Regulation". Jennifer Hu, for her thesis entitled "The Mathematics of Meaning: A Bayesian Approach to Comparing the Pragmatics of English and Chinese". Ravi Jagadeesan, for his thesis entitled "Crepant resolutions of Q-factorial threefolds with compound Du Val singularities" and Rohil Prasad, for his thesis entitled "The Seiberg-Witten invariant of a Homology S1 x S3". Please also congratulate mathematics concentrator David Stoner, who has been elected to Phi Beta Kappa during the spring of his junior year.
  • Congratulations also to "meritorious winner" on Problem B of the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM): Jay Gopalan (math and philosophy) Emery Liu (math), Anirudh Suresh (math).
  • Please congratulate the senior mathematics concentrators Matthew Estes, Wyatt Mackey, Alienor Oudin, and Aaron Slipper, who have been elected to Phi Beta Kappa this spring.

Summer 2018 Tutorials

Ahlfors 2018

Ahlfors Lecture 2018, September 11-12, 2018

Talks on Youtube

The CDM 2017 talks are available as a playlist on our Youtube Channel.